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A little away from the marshy salt flats that makes Kutch a very predictable destination, lies an almost extinct volcano with clearly visible lava flows and then further are inconspicuous marshy wetlands, dinosaur fossil beds and a great deal of environmental resources that this district grasps. Unearth all of this and more with extensive safaris and harbor visits to traverse into the ecological treasure trove that Kutch is. The trip lead by an expert shall introduce you to fresh water lakes that play host to one of the world's largest concentration of migratory and resident birds, upstream fish migration and ancient ship building.

Experience the riot of colors that this region is with an ancient riverbed that been weathered over the centuries into a range of shapes and shades, handicrafts heritage and bird species like francolins, warblers, grouse, gulls, storks and even a male comb duck in its unusual finery.

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The guided trail

The geography of the land weaves many natural habitats and phenomena, the most inevitable being the massif of Dinodhar an extinct volcano and ancient riverbeds. The region's well known birder and naturalist with over 23 years of experience will take you through this topography that drastically changes and surprises with a combination of birdlife and landscapes. The facilitator has been independently working in Kutch and guiding ornithologists and travelers from over 25 countries being intimately familiar with the terrain.

Food and stay

Basic accommodation at a guest house in a village in South Kutch goes well with the simplicity of the region and the experience; nevertheless the home made food does not fail to enhance the trip. Savor the staple delicacies of aulu (Baingan bharta), rotlo (Bajra rotis) and sweet and sour kadhi. Snacks, tea and water are carried during the safaris that last for 4 to 5 hours.

Cost: Rs 19600 per person all inclusive.