Jaipur Bazaar, Crafts & Cuisine walk

Location: Jaipur


Embark on a fascinating evening walk through the maze of Jaipur's streets. Mingle and talk with the locals, sample the regions culinary delights from some of the city’s most popular street food vendors. Observe local artisans in their workshops, visit a private Haveli beautifully decorated with rich tapestries, carpets and rare artifacts before finishing at Tripolia gate to enjoy the colourful and vibrant bazaar.


  • Discover the mystery of the idol at Swayam Bhu Hanuman temple

  • Walk through Hanuman ka Rasta - a bustling alley and craft lover’s delight. From wedding card makers and book binders to gold and silver casters, witness the skills and traditions of a bygone era

  • Talk to a President’s Award winning, fifth generation, Meenakari craftsman in his workshop

  • Observe the animated and brisk gemstone traders on Gopalji ka Rasta

  • Enter the foodie's paradise or Ghee Walon ka Rasta - a road dedicated to savoury snacks. Indulge your sweet tooth by sampling traditional ladoos

  • Meet the money changers - rummage through their collections of old coins, some dating back to the time of the Mughals

  • Go giddy with the mingled fragrances of the perfume makers, incense makers and flower sellers in front of Lakshmi Narayan Baiji

The Route

The walk begins outside the Hawa Mahal at Badi Chouper from where you go to the Ganesh Mandir in time for the ‘aarti’.

Beginning at Jaipur’s famous Ramchandra Kulfiwala to sample it’s cooling kulfi and rabri, you move onto Hanumanji Mandir road or ‘Sugar Lane’ with its shops selling myriad varieties and grades of sugar and its by-products like jaggery, mishri and sweet candies.

At the end of this sweet odyssey visit the Hanuman Mandir, where, it is said, the idol of lord Hanuman appeared mysteriously from under the ground centuries ago.

Now starts an interesting ramble down Hanuman ka Rasta where every step is a new experience. See wedding card makers elaborately design cards, gemstone packers at work with their colour coded wrappers for Rubies, Emeralds and Topaz, and casters casting magic as they turn gold and silver into rings and earrings. Along the way, observe the various architectural styles as people welcome you into their homes and courtyards.

Enjoy traditional tea with a family of traders in their beautiful home decorated with gold and silver paintings.

Enter Gopalji Rasta and watch the animated and brisk gemstone traders at work. It is said that almost Rs 11 lakh worth of business is done every hour in the open market. Visit the President’s Award winning, fifth generation Meenakari (enamel) craftsmen in his workshop.

Walk a little ahead and experience the milky goodness in shops selling products like mawa, jalebi and paneer. Wash it down with with a tall glass of cold lassi from a famous Lassiwalla at Johri Bazaar.

The food fiesta has just begun as you enter Gheewalon ka Rasta. Set up by butter merchants originally, this road is a foodie’s paradise, stuffed with samosas, kachoris, pakoras and a tiny shop where you can take your pick of 52 varieties of parathas! If your sweet tooth still craves more, sample the delicious traditional ladoos here.

After the meal, amble into shops selling beautiful kurtas, hand printed textiles, readymade garments and handmade incense sticks and Jaipuri quilts. Walk through the ancient Nayala Haveli, taking in its rusted, regal Queen’s chambers and beautiful fresco work.

Next stop shop no. 150. Known only by its number, this well known little shop is a Jaipuri's ideal snack joint, it’s speciality being a curious snack made of Devil’s Dung, better known as Hing ki Kachori. Near this shop is one of the oldest makers of the typically flavoured Indian smoke, or Beedi.

Passing the Suranans Haveli, which belongs to the richest jeweller family in Jaipur, you stop briefly to watch Abdul Chacha create delicate gold and silver foils to wrap sweets in and wind up at Rajasthan’s pride - the colourful turban market.

Take back with you precious souvenirs, colourful memories and the lingering taste of exotic Rajasthani cuisine.

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