Assam, the land of the red river and blue hills, is home to the enormous Brahmaputra river and Majuli – the largest river island in Asia. With its lush green meadows, fertile plains, the beautiful hills, tea plantations, exciting wildlife and rich flora and fauna, Assam has been an embodiment of the natural beauty and grace as been at the centrestage of tourist attractions of the amazing North East India region.

Burra Sahib's Bungalow

Jorhat, Assam

Amidst the Sangsua Tea Estate, this bungalow depicts a stylish living with the antique displays and architecture it exhibits.

Thengal Manor

Jorhat, Assam

A mansion abounding with history and colonial charm, the stay also allows access to the entire process of tea making.


Guwahati, Assam

A plush stay with elegantly furnished interiors, this destination offers a panoramic view of Guwahati.

Diphlu River Lodge

Kaziranga, Assam

Jetty across the Diphlu River gazing upon herds of rhinos and deer, and be part of a barbeque and campfire, gazing upon the picturesque sunset.

Banyan Grove

Jorhat, Assam

With a hundred year old bungalow accommodating spacious rooms, this stay affords the pleasure of living in the midst of a tea estate.

Prabhakar Homestay

Guwahati, Assam

Visit ancient towns, temples and an ancient center of astronomy and astrology, and track river dolphins whilst ferrying across the Brahmaputra.

Sai Onella Guest House

Guwahati, Assam

Explore the various cultural perspectives that enlighten one about the diversity of Assam and visit astutely carved temples on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

The Bansbari Lodge

Manas National Park, Assam

Stride through tea gardens and observe pristine forests and wildlife while river rafting upon the River Manas, peeking at surrounding Bodo villages.

Kaliabor Manor

Kaliabor, Assam

Visit local communities and explore the famous national parks through nature walks and elephant safaris, observing over 300 species of wildlife.


Kaziranga, Assam

Gaze at the Royal Bengal Tiger atop an elephant or jeep whilst eyeing the Crested Serpent Eagle and Palla’s Fishing Eagle circling the marshes

Wildgrass Lodge

Kaziranga, Assam

Visit nearby ethnic groups while trekking through scenic tea gardens and jungle paths that lead one to sloth bears, tigers and jackals.

Iora-The Retreat

Kaziranga, Assam

Discover surrounding fauna by nature trails through Kaziranga, and visit the nearby villages through trekking or jeep, all while magnificent fields of tea watch on.

Spring Valley Resort

Sonapur, Assam

Ride on camels, elephants and horse carriages surveying the impressive wildlife of Assam and enjoy live musical performances showcasing a fusion of cultures.

Wild Mahseer

Balipara, Assam

Get immersed in a colonial ambience with walks through tea gardens and British fusion cuisine, participate in angling, dolphin gazing or bicycle through lush surroundings.

Padmini Resort

Tinsukia, Assam

Observe the tea making process in Margherita and visit the nearby national parks for sightings of the famous Feral Horses, Slow Loris and Hollock Gibbons.

Bon Habi Resort

Kaziranga, Assam

Accompany a naturalist on birding excursions and spot rhinoceros, elephants and pythons, and spend starry evenings stargazing amidst convivial campfires.

Kaziranga Cottages

Kaziranga, Assam