Angling in Goa

"Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you can get rid of him for the weekend!"

For the traveler who wants to discern further than Baga's coastal obsession there is a surreptitious reason to wander this time with Baga still in the backyard. Chill out at a private Portuguese villa amidst palm shades and a pool in a tranquil village in the North and look out for the best seafood preparations and a fascinating idea of fishing in the sea.

The stay has luxurious bedrooms and private sit outs to laze around and the very talented chef who shall convert your catch into the most sumptuous meal with her local recipies. With vast varieties in the sea like rawas (Indian salmon), grouper, mangrove jack and barramundi angling can only get exciting, summing up a diverse holiday experience.

Hook that fish!

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Fish with the expert

Our fishing expert is a licensed commercial/sports fisherman and a diver. He is aware of a variety of fish species and types in the Goan waters, being exposed to this trade since childhood.

Accompanying the guests he helps trap the best of what the sea offers. With six boats and an extensive paraphelneria including Shakespeare, Rapala, Vereitex rods, bait, lures and ice surely the best fish shall get hooked. Anglers can also carry their own gear. Methods of fishing consist of trolling, spinning, reef fishing, bottom fishing, river fishing and night fishing.

Goan Gourmet

A local culinarian defies the routine taste and with her authentic use of local spices and cooking methods introduces the most tempting flavours in seafood along with a few useful insights on its preparations. Expect the fare to bypass vindaloo or xacuti and instead have a range of dishes like fish in reshad masala, grilled varieties and butter garlic specialities all on what the catch of the day is!