About HighOnTravel

Vacations become the most cherished and remembered moments of our life and yet, sometimes, we cannot always put our best efforts in making them special. Our friend’s recommendations and suggestions ultimately help in building our trip and the outcome is nothing different from what they did, what they saw, and what they experienced.

The truth is, what makes them go “wow” is not necessarily what catches your fancy. What’s more awesome is that your holiday experience can be as unique as you, with a little help from experts.

What service do we offer?

We handcraft holidays suited exactly to your taste. We are travel experts who help customize experiential holidays, recommend off-beat boutique accommodations tucked in fantastic locations across India, plan the right itinerary for you and book your entire vacation, at no extra cost!

What makes us better holiday planners?

Most members of the HighOnTravel team have quit their high flying corporate careers to be a part of something more close to our heart, that is, TRAVEL.

We're all a bunch of extremely passionate travelers, always on the look out for amazing travel experiences and the team has, altogether, covered 25 of the 29 states in the country. Our travel experts have great knowledge of the local routes, terrain, people, culture. They know a lot about each destination and are connected to the best and most reliable local logistics providers in the remotest areas.

Above all, our travel experts specializing in customizing an itinerary as per your tastes and preferences, while ensuring an unusual and unforgettable holiday experience!

What can I get that others can't offer?

Did you know that you can have dinner inside a step well in Rajasthan, or stay in luxurious tents, right in the middle of the dessert? We make you think beyond ordinary hotels and experiences, let you dream about living in tree-houses and palaces or amidst acres of greenery or even atop a lovely hill with views of the mighty Himalayas.

Not just that, we make these dreams come true! From itinerary creation to stay recommendations to bookings, a hassle free travel planning process. Would you ask for more? :-)

Do I pay more when I book through you?

Although our travel consultants use their expert knowledge, save you time on hours of research, recommend some of the best, off-beat places to stay and even make all the bookings for you, we do not expect you to pay anything more than the actual cost of the trip.

What do you mean by off-beat boutique accommodation?

If you fancy spending a night in a tree-house, indulging in a luxurious private pool villa, living in a magnificent palace or sharing a roof with an army officer in his own charming home, you have come to the right place. Our experts know of more than 500 exclusive hotels, bungalows and homes hidden across the country.

Do you offer discounts?

As mentioned earlier, we do not charge you anything more than the actual cost of the trip, and for the same reason, cannot offer you a discount. Although, we might have some exciting deals going on once in a while, and you should definitely watch out for those :-)

How to reach us

Call us on +91 22 6196 7212
Email us on info@highontravel.com